My name is Steve Pappin.  I was born and raised in Fairfield, Iowa.  I graduated with a Bachelors of Science in Film and Television Production at Full Sail University in Orlando, Florida.  Then I left the country for 2 months and managed a chicken coop in the jungles of Belize at a self sustaining organic bamboo farm…this is not a joke.

On my trek back to the United States, I stopped by LA (because hey, why not?) and was immediately thrown in to the world of commercial production and day-playing, where I met Brian Morrow of Shark Pig.  He took me under his wing/finhoof, and gave me shelter when I read to him a craigslist room posting titled: “Share 1 Bedroom.  Close quarters with a Male Prostitute”…that is not a joke either.

It wasn’t long before I was assisting Brian with his weddings, shooting on the weekends, and helping him edit throngs of wedding videos during the week.  I was there in the humble beginnings, when we switched between shooting one super8 camera and 2 digital, and edited sitting at the same tiny desk, me with my laptop on the corner, straddling a filing cabinet that was underneath.

All of this lead to my birth.  Shark Pig never enjoyed turning people away for the simple reason that there was only one of him.  So, using the horrors of modern science and a little bit of his own brainslime, and through practices that won’t be mentioned here, he gave birth to a Son.  A younger creation that prefers contacts to glasses and has an affinity for Joe Joes and sodapop, but carries the same love for Film/HD mashups that reflect the charm and individuality that is your wedding day.

In other words: is Shark Pig booked?  I think I can help. : )





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